As the oldest and most respected name in inferential scanning, Williams Inference has been reporting to clients for almost fifty years.

Today, major corporations throughout the world rely on Williams Inference for unique insights to anticipate and profit from change.

The Williams Inference business intelligence service helps them achieve superior performance - year after year.
The Williams approach of INFERENTIAL SCANNING focuses attention on those areas of the outside world where change impacts the business environment - be it economic, political, social, cultural, technological or regulatory.
As with all intelligence work, the Williams Inference starting point is the search for clues - ANOMALIES - irregularities, surprises and the unusual. These anomalies are early indications of change, and may easily be missed in today's morass of obsolete and meaningless data.
Although apparently unrelated on the surface, these anomalies often reveal a PATTERN OF CHANGE. Recognising these patterns and exploring their implication is the essence of the Williams Inference service.